Wagon Wheel Picture Frame

From week ending 5/2/99

by Jeanette Edmondson (PATCHESGA)

Jeanette says, "This was made for my Dad on his 74 Birthday. My brother, Carl, came up with this idea. I just did the handiwork.  That's Jeanette, on the right.



Board of choice: I used a 12 " round

Parents picture

Children\rquote s Pictures

Decoupage glue



Sand paper: fine grit

Tack cloth

Wire for hanging

Mailboxes Co. : or a good home copier

Circle cutter

Wire for hanging picture.


  1. Prepare board with sand paper. You want a smooth surface. Wipe with tac cloth.

  2. Use decoupage glue to seal board.

  3. Decide how many pictures you will be using and divide board accordingly.

  4. If you have a Mailboxes Company near you, ( I find it the best source to make and size my pictures. If not use a home copier. Make copies of pictures.)

  5. Enlarge or shrink pictures the size you want for project. (do not use original pictures)

  6. Decide what size you want parent's picture. (you can use one of them together if you want) Cut it with circle cutter. Glue to center of board.

  7. Glue children's pictures in between marks .

  8. Glue small twine between children's pictures.(on marked lines.)

  9. Glue large twine to outside edge of parent's picture.

  10. Glue large twine to outside edge of board.

  11. Cover entire board and twine with decoupage glue.

  12. If using a thin board, drill holes in board before starting project.(to hang picture with) Put holes in the marked lines, they will be covered with twine. So they won't be noticeable from front when project is finished.