Valentine Wreath

from week ending 2/7/99

Design and Instructions by Diana Trupiano

Just because it's Valentine time doesn't mean everything has to be all pink and white! I used dimensional paints in several colors to add flowers and hearts to this very easy, and quick to make wreath. This is a perfect rainy day project to inspire you for spring time!


2 yds. pre-gathered white lace

1 - 12" cardboard circle (I used a 12" cake circle)

1 Foamie Sheet in red

1 Foamie Sheet in white

Dimensional paints in assorted colors (I used glitter gold, light blue, pink, lavender, yellow, orange, mauve and green)



Hot glue gun and glue sticks

1 paperclip

Wire cutters/pliers



  1. Measure and mark a circle 2" in from outside edge of cardboard circle, all around edge.

  2. Cut on line to make a wreath base.

  3. Trace a 3 1/2" heart six times on red and white foamie sheets. Cut out hearts.

  4. With glitter gold dimensional paint, add dots all around the edge of the red hearts, about 1/4" apart. Set aside to dry.

  5. With remaining colors of dimensional paint, add flowers and leaves to three white hearts, and small hearts to the other three. (Flowers: With one color, make a dot for the center. With another color, make 5 dots around the edge of the center dot. Use a toothpick to pull the outer dots away from the center to create petals. You can also pull away as you make the dots with the paint bottle. Hearts: Place 2 dots of paint close together and pull each from the outside down to the center to form a heart.) Let dry completely.

  6. Glue lace around the outside and inside edges of wreath base.

  7. Glue red hearts at even spaces around wreath.

  8. Glue white hearts over red.

  9. Cut paperclip in half, and bend ends in.

  10. Glue to back, top center of wreath base.


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