Valentine Potpourri Sachet


Design and Instructions by Diana Trupiano



6" x 12" piece of white Tulle or nylon net (I used Tulle)

1/2 yard or 2" wide pre gathered lace

5" of 1/4" wide white picot edge ribbon

Potpourri (I used cinnamon) about 1/2 cup

White thread


Fold tulle piece in half lenghthwise. Trace a heart shape 6" tall, and 5 1/2" wide and cut out, making two layers.

Due to the nature of tulle, it is much easier to sew the lace trim onto one side, and then put the other tulle heart piece on top of that. Be sure the raw edge of the lace meets the edge of the heart, with the finished edge of the lace to the inside of the heart. (It is sewn just as if sewing a ruffle on to a pillow.) Slightly overlap the edges of the lace, and trim excess after stitching.

Fold ribbon piece in half, twisting 1/2 turn. Stitch to top center of heart piece matching raw edges.

Once the lace and ribbon are attached to one tulle heart, lay the other tulle heart on top. Stitch around edge, leaving a 2" opening on one lower edge for filling. Gently turn heart sachet to right side.

Fill with potpourri, breaking down any large pieces. Once filled, stitch opening shut. If needed, once stitching is completed, redistribute potpourri filling to fill all edges and corners.


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