Valentine Flower Pot

from week ending 2/14/99

Design and Instructions by Diana Trupiano

This is a pot I painted to hold the beautiful miniature rose bush my sweetie husband gave me the other day!


Aleene's All Purpose Primer

Aleene's Premium Coat Acrylics in: Light Fucia; White and Holiday Red

Aleene's Clear Gloss Varnish

Miracle Sponge

Sea Wool Sponge

Terra cotta pot (I used a 4" pot)

Paint brush

Paper plate


  1. Wash terra cotta pot well with warm soapy water. Rinse well and dry. Let stand until completely dry. (I have a nifty rack that fits in my clothes dryer, for shoes, sweaters, etc.. I use the darn thing more for drying craft projects than for anything else! If you have access to one, it's a great time saving tool! You can also prop your hair dryer in a bowl and aim it at your project. Set on low, it works great.)

  2. If there are any rough edges at the top or bottom of your pot, you can sand them off easily with fine sand paper.

  3. Apply one coat of All Purpose Primer to pot; let dry.

  4. Apply two coats white paint, drying between coats.

  5. Apply a few drops of Light Fucia to paper plate. Dip sea wool sponge into paint and lightly sponge on lower section (not on rim); let dry.

  6. Cut miracle sponge into one 1/2" suare, and one 3/4" heart. Soak shapes in water to expand; squeeze out well.

  7. Apply red paint to paper plate. Dab square sponge into paint. Place sponge at lower edge of rim. Press carefully to make impression. If impression isn't dark enough, replace sponge and press again.

  8. Reposition square at upper edge of rim, right next to first suare; press. Repeat all around rim of pot to make a checkered pattern. Let dry.

  9. Dip heart sponge into red paint. Apply hearts in a random pattern, and in varying directions all around lower part of pot. Let dry.

  10. Apply clear Gloss Varnish to all painted areas. Let dry.

I painted my pot in a very basic way. You can add all sorts of different things to "snazz" up your pot. How about adding dimensional paint dot and dash lines, or squiggly spirals? Gluing on buttons, or other knic knakswill also add character. There is no end to the possibilities for this fun, easy project!


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