Valentine Gift Bag, Cinch Top

Design and Instructions by Diana Trupiano


This is an easy, quick bag that can be used for just about anything. Simply change the dimensions and fabrics and have a ball. I recently made one out of heavy denim, large enough to tote my serger around!


1/3 yd. of 45" wide fabric (This will make 2 bags, approx. 12" x 10 1/2" finished.)

thread to match fabric (sample views were sewn with red so stitching could be seen easier)

2 lengths cording or ribbon, color coordinated, 2 times the width of the top edge of your bag, plus 6 inches.


Note* These instructions were written for the use of a serger. If you are using a regular sewing machine, zigzag over all edges before beginning.

1) Fold fabric in half, so short edges meet. Cut at fold to make 2 pieces, approximately 12" x 22 1/2". Set one piece aside.

2) Serge across both short edges and down 2 1/4" on each long edge from top. Do not use cutter, or disengage cutter blade, as the fabric is already cut to size.

3) Fold fabric, right sides together, so short edges meet. Serge from bottom fold (again not using cutter) just to previous serging. Do not serge all the way to the top edge!

4) Fold top side edges to inside. Press.

5) Fold top edges down 1" to form casing. Press.

6) Stitch across top, approximately 1/4" from serged edge to form casing. ( I used my sewing machine for this.)

7) Thread one length of cording or ribbon through one side of casing, and back through the other side, tie ends in a knot to form a loop. Repeat with second length, in the opposite direction. You will have two loops in the casing, with a knot at each side. Turn bag to right side and press, if desired.

**For a "box bottom" bag, follow steps 1 - 6 as directed above. Fold bag so side seams line up with the center bottom. Press if desired. Measure in 2" from corner. Mark. Serge a perpendicular line at mark. Turn bag to right side and press, if desired.


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