Valentine Earrings

from week ending 1/31/99

Design and Instructions by Diana Trupiano

These earrings have the look of metal, but are really glue embossed brown bag!



Tag board scraps, or brown bag glued 4 layers thick

1 set earring posts and backs

Aleene's Thick Designer Tacky Glue

Aleene's Gold Bottle Tacky Glue

Glue Syringe

Round Toothpicks

Aleene's Premium Coat Acrylics in red and silver

Aleene's Acrylic Clear Gloss Varnish

Paint Brush



  1. From tag board scraps, cut two 1" hearts.

  2. With toothpick or glue syringe, make dots of Glod Bottle Tacky Glue around the edge of one heart. Pull dots to center to make tear drop shapes.

  3. In center of heart, make a heart shape with glue. Repeat with other heart. Let dry over night.

  4. Paint hearts, front and back silver. Let dry.

  5. Rub on red paint to desired effect. Let dry.

  6. Apply two coats clear varnish, allowing to dry between coats.

  7. Glue earring posts to top center of hearts with Thick Designer Tacky Glue. Let glue dry completely.

To make dangling earrings, punch a 1/16" hole in the top center of each small heart. Attach an earring wire, and beads, if desired. For a matching pin, cut an extra heart 2 1/2". Finish to match earrings and glue a 1" pin back to the center back of heart. This is a project that can be made for any season or holiday. Just change the shape and color, and try some different glue techniques!

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