Valentine Door Hanger

from week ending February 15, 1998

Design and Instructions by Diana Trupiano



1 Foamie Sheet, color of your choice

1yd. 1/8th inch wide ribbon

1 ft. same ribbon as above

Misc. dimensional paints, assorted colors

Darning Needle

1/8th inch round hole punch

Misc. silk, dried or fresh flowers and greens


Trace patterns on to Foamie Sheet, transferring hole punch locations to both pattern pieces

Cut out pattern pieces. Use straight edged scissors for back piece, and decorative scissors for front, if desired

Hole punch where indicated, and approximately inch apart around front piece for a lacy effect

Place pattern pieces together, lining up punched holes

Thread ribbon (1 yard piece) through holes, leaving about 10 - 12 inches on each end

Tie ribbon ends in a knot, about 5 inches from top of heart. Tie ends into a bow

Thread remaining piece of ribbon through bottom of heart and tie a bow

Decorate using dimensional paints as desired (flowers, hearts, romantic words and phrases, etc.)

Fill with florals, or sweets and hang on your valentine's door. (You can leave it as an anonymous gift, or sign the back with permanent markers)


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