Uncle Sam Bean Bag Toss Game!

This is a great game to keep the kids laughing, and busy during your holiday party.
The design can be altered to create a clown, scarecrow, witch, etc., to fit any party theme!

Design and Instructions by Diana Trupiano ŠJune2002


2 sheets Foam Core Board

2 sheets white Easy Felt

3 sheets royal blue Easy Felt

1 sheet red Easy Felt

2 - 35mm Wiggle Eyes

1/4" satin ribbon in navy blue

Acrylic paint in light grey and light pink

Fabric (dimensional) paint in gold glitter and silver glitter

2 - 3 patriotic (or color/print of your choice) bandanas

Small sea wool sponge

Permanent marker, thick point, black

White paint pen

Exacto knife

Strapping or packing tape

Hot Glue & sticks

Plastic pellets, rice, small beans, or sand


Trace and cut as follows:

From first sheet WHITE felt: Mark and cut 6" from one short edge.
Cut this piece into 10 - 6"x1" strips. On small remaining strip, mark
and cut 2 each large adn small stars. On large remaining piece, mark location
of facial features. Cut away mouth piece. On cut away mouth piece, mark
and cut 6 small stars.

From second sheet WHITE felt: Mark and cut 5" from one short edge.
On this piece, trace and cut goatee, eye brows, nose, and 6 large stars.
On large piece, trace and cut hair.

BLUE felt:From one sheet, mark and cut 2" from one long edge.
Set aside. Mark and cut a 2"x2 1/2" rectangle. These two pieces
will be the top hat band. On remaining pieces, trace and cut 4 hat
brim pieces, and two base pieces.

RED felt: Mark and cut 6" from one short edge. Cut this piece into
10 - 6"x1" strips. Trace and cut bow tie.

BANDANAS: Fold in half. Trace and cut bean bag shapes.

  1. For bean bags, apply tacky glue to one layer of each bean bag set,
    leaving a 1" area dry. Place layers together and smooth to adhere.
    Set bean bags aside to dry.

  2. Lightly sponge grey paint on hair, goatee, and eye brow pieces. Set aside.

  3. Place a dot of gold glitter paint on the points of all stars. Set aside.

  4. With white paint pen, outline and shade bow tie. Set aside.

  5. Cut 11 1/2" off one piece of Foam Core. Set aside.

  6. On remaining larger piece, mark and score (top layer only)
    vertical lines 1/2" apart.

  7. Roll this piece into a tube, scored side out. Tape well to secure.

  8. On second sheet Foam Core, trace base and brim pieces. Cut
    out very carefully with razor knife.

  9. Color outside edge of base piece with black marker.

  10. Fit tube into base. Tape securely from underside.

  11. Glue blue base pieces in place, trimming ends as needed to create a tight fit.

  12. Hold bow tie piece at bottom front. Mark lightly at top center of tie.

  13. Hold mouth piece at mark. Trace mouth location. Carefully cut
    away mouth area, beveling edges.

  14. Glue face piece in place as follows: Place hot glue down center of piece,
    above and below mouth cut out. Press piece in place on tube at bottom.
    smooth glued area to adhere. Continue gluing either side until piece is secure.

  15. Glue bow tie and face pieces in place.

  16. Sponge light pink on face for cheeks.

  17. Glue hair piece in place in same manner as face piece.

  18. Glue blue brim pieces to Foam Core brim piece top and bottom,
    trimming as needed to create a tight fit at seams.

  19. Glue ribbon to outside edge of trim piece.

  20. Fit brim piece over the top of the tube. Push down carefully to within
    2" of face piece. Adjust to find center.

  21. Place dots of glue at top of face and hair pieces all around tube. Quickly
    push brim piece down to rest on face and hair pieces.

  22. Beginning at center front, glue red and white stripes vertically around
    tube with bottom edges touching brim. Glue one piece to the left,
    then one to the right to cover entire area.The last piece may need to be
    trimmed to fit in place.

  23. Glue blue strip to top edge, centering above face, and gluing as with
    face and hair pieces. Use smaller strip to fill in the back.

  24. Carefully cut a bevel around top edge.

  25. Color beveled edge with black marker.

  26. Glue large stars in place on base, and small stars on blue strip at top.

  27. Add silver glitter tri-dots between stars on base and brim.

  28. Fill bean bags 2/3 to 3/4 full. Glue openings closed.

  29. Trim around bean bags with pinking sheers, if desired.

To print these patterns in the correct size, you must set your printer to the Windows monitor default of 96 dpi.
If using a graphics program, these pages should be set to print 8 1/2 x 11".

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