Training Treat Pouch

Design and Instructions by Diana Trupiano©2000

I recently rescued a dog, yes I did it again, and she is in dire need of some training. I know some "experts" say never use food, but I've found over the years and many rescues, that all dogs are different, and will respond to varied things. I say, "Whatever works!" My new "daughter" is extrememly food motivated. "Nuff said.

Most pet suppliers sell treat bags similar to this one. The bags are small, only about 6" square, have velcro closures at the top, and a nifty little clip that works on any waistband or belt loop. The purpose for the bag, is to aide in heel training. You clip the bag, filled with your dog's favorite treats (cut or broken into tiny pieces - this isn't a meal, afterall), to your LEFT side. Your dog can smell the treats, and thus will pretty much stick to your left side like glue. No matter where you go, or how many turns you make, the smell of the treats keeps Fido at heel while you praise him to the heavens for such a perfect performance. Don't laugh, it really does work.

I wasn't impressed with the appearance of the bags available, so I decided to make my own. This one was made out of a pair of my son's old blue jeans, and a scrap of light blue denim I had in my sacred scrap box.


Scrap of heavy weight woven fabric (canvas or denim) approx. 6" x 13". You can make your bag any size.

Scrap of fabric to match above, approx. 2" x 3"

Scrap of contrasting fabric (anything is fine) approx. 6" square.

Light weight fusible web, or dressmakers glue stick

1" swivel clip

2 - 1/2" velcro dots (sew on)

Matching thread to main fabric

Contrasting thread for applique'


  1. Press all fabrics.

  2. Fuse web to back of contrasting fabric.

  3. Using photo as a guide, draw a paw print onto back side of contrasting fabric. Cut out.

  4. Fold main fabric, wrong sides together, so short ends meet. Press.

  5. Remove paper backing from paw applique'. Fuse to main fabric, centered just above bottom fold.

  6. With contrasting thread, stitch a very close wide zigzag around each paw piece (pad and toes) to create applique'. Take care around curves to keep stitches tight and close together.

  7. Fold main fabric, right sides together, so short ends meet. Stitch or serge a1/4" seam up both sides.

  8. Zigzag stitch or serge along top raw edge.

  9. Fold top edge down 1/2". Press well. Stitch.

  10. Measure and mark 2" in from each side.

  11. Stitch velcro dots at marks.

  12. Turn bag right side out.

  13. Press long edges of 2x3 scrap to enter. Zigzag down center to cover raw edges.

  14. Measure and mark center back.

  15. Loop scrap through bottom of clip matching short ends.

  16. Place on bag center mark so only the top of the clip extends above bag.

  17. Stitch in place. I used a wide, close zigzag.

  18. Fill with your best friend's favorite treats and go have a training session. Remember to have fun, and praise, praise, praise!!!


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