Block Painted Tote Bag

from week ending 8/31/98

Design and Instructions by Diana Trupiano

I oringinally made this bag as a demo for a stamping class I was teaching. I liked it so much, and it is so functional, I use it all the time! It's a great lunch bag, or supplies tote when I teach!


1 Totebag, any size, any color

Paint block, pattern of your choice ( I used Design Press™ pre-cut stamps by Back Street Inc. There are several different press designs to match any decor needs!)

Design Press™ Translucent Paint in Fern Green #17517, Hunter Green #17516, and Chocolate#17524

Design Press™ Detailing Marker in Brown and Green

Paper towels

Paint brush


  1. Wash and dry tote without any fabric softener.

  2. Lay tote flat on covered work surface.

  3. Plan design. Stamping image onto paper and cutting out multiples will help in laying out more intricate patterns.

  4. Apply a thin, even coat of paint to stamp. Multi colored impressions can be achieved by layering paint onto stamp. Apply main color, and then add colors to highlight. The less paint used with this product, the better details will show.

  5. When stamp is loaded, place face down on tote in pre-determined placement. Press lightly on entire surface of stamp, making sure to get all the edges and corners.

  6. With one hand, hold down tote. With the other hand, lift stamp straight up to remove.

  7. Repeat stamping until desired design is achieved.

  8. Add stems and vines with Detailing Markers, as desired.

  9. Let dry overnight. Wait one week before laundering.

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