Thanksgiving Candle Luminaria

from week ending 11/22/98

Design and Instructions by Diana Trupiano

This is an idea that can be adapted for any holiday or event. It's very simple, and comes together very quickly.


1 - glass container (I used this flute topped bowl from Michael's. It cost only 89 cents!)

Assorted tissue paper to match chosen theme

Aleene's Instant Decoupage Glue in Gloss

Paint brush


Long raffia for bow (optional)

Exacto type razor knife


  1. Wash and dry container very well.

  2. Cut leaf or other shapes from tissue paper.

  3. Work in small sections. Apply a small amount of decoupage glue in a thin even layer.

  4. Apply tissue paper pieces, one at a time, over glue. Lightly brush a coat of glue over the top of tissue. Continue applying glue and tissue in an overlapping pattern all over container. At top edge, allow tissue paper pieces to extend beyond edge. You will trim these later.

  5. Once entire container is covered, set aside to dry over night.

  6. With razor knife, carefullt cut excess tissue from edge.

  7. Tie raffia around top, to make a bow.

**Do not place candle directly into container. Place candle in glass votive cup and place cup into container.
**Never leave burning candles unattended.


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