Teddy Bear With Crayons Ornament

from week ending 7/19/99

Design and Instructions by Tennia Plummer

Tennia says, "I make these and sell them at craft shows, and for anyone that loves teddy bears its a HUGE hit!"




4" Jointed teddy bear (had the gold cord for hanging on it)

Glue *hot glue will not work for long life*


  1. First off cut a piece of felt or fun foam big enough to glue

  2. 5 or 6 crayons on. Lay the crayons side by side all going in the same direction.

  3. Then take one of the small jointed teddy bears place it in a sitting down position on top of the crayons near the back of the crayons
    (making it look like hes sitting on a slead with the crayons as his sled).

  4. Then fold up his arms and glue another crayon in his arms.

Thats it, now you have a cute little teddy bear ornament!


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