Teacher's Treasure Boxes

from week ending 6/14/98

*A Desk Set*

(suitable for male teachers)


Design and Instructions by Diana Trupiano

Handy little boxes for teacher's treasures       Close up view of crackle detial


Paper Mache' boxes in various shapes and sizes

Acrylic Paints in Burgundy, Hunter Green, Navy Blue and Dusty Grey

Acrylic Primer

Crackle Medium, steps one and two

Acrylic Gloss Varnish

paint brush


  1. Apply primer to all surfaces, let dry.

  2. Mix desired base color (I used grey) paint in equal amounts with "step one" Crackle Medium. Apply to all surfaces, let dry.

  3. Apply top color acrylic paint to all surfaces, let dry.

  4. Apply "step two" Crackle Medium to all surfaces. As it dries, the crackled effect will appear.

  5. Apply Gloss Varnish to all surfaces, let dry.

There are many different ways to finish the paper mache' boxes other than crackle. The mache' surface is perfect for just about anything. Fused fabric, decoupage, tissue paper applique, Burnt Brown Bag, glue embossing, Magic Dip, just to name a few. How many different ways can YOU think of?


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