Potpourri Sachet with Teacher's Verse

from week ending 6/7/98

Design and Instructions by Diana Trupiano

It's that time of year again, time to thank the dedicated professionals who educate and nurture our most important assets: our children. From pre-school, to college, these are the hardest working individuals on the planet. Don't you think it's time to show them how much you appreciate their time? This craft is quick, easy, and the perfect project to do WITH your child.


1 - 3" wooden embroidery hoop

Tulle scraps

1/4 cup potpourri

11" pre-gathered lace trim

11" string of pearls

Misc. ribbons of your choice

Silk Ribbon Flowers (Optional)

Cool melt glue and gun



  1. Loosen thumb screw, and separate hoop pieces. Set outside hoop to the side.

  2. Lay inside (smaller) hoop on work surface.

  3. Lay a scrap of Tulle, approximately 5" across, on top of hoop.

  4. Fill center of tulle with potpourri.

  5. Lay another scrap of Tulle, same size, over the top of the potpourri.

  6. Place outside hoop over smaller hoop and press to "sandwich" the sachet together.

  7. Tighten thumb screw to secure, gently pulling the sides of the Tulle to flatten.

  8. Turn over, and trim excess Tulle with scissors.

  9. Turn over. Glue pre-gathered lace around edge of wooden hoops.

  10. Glue string of pearls over lace edge.

  11. Glue ribbon bow and flower to top, center of hoop.

  12. Turn over. Make a loop of ribbon, approximately 1" long, and glue to top center of hoop for a hanger, if desired.

This craft can be made with any size or shape embroidery hoop, and can be filled with potpourri, scented beads, etc.

Teacher's Verse - I like to print these up on decorative paper, in a fancy font, and cut them out in heart, book or graduation cap shapes. They're also great for framing!


Teachers inspire dreams,
Shape lives,
And give us hope for the future.
A teacher gives,
A teacher shares,
But most of all,
A teacher cares.
A teacher takes a hand,
Opens a mind,
And touches a heart.
Teachers plant seeds
That grow forever!
My teacher, my friend,
Inspiration without end.
You opened my mind,
And inspired my dreams.


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