Superbowl Party Favors

from week ending January 25, 1998

Design and Instructions by Diana Trupiano

These are just quick, fun favors to add to the festivities. As you can see from the picture, artistic perfection is not required. Let your kids go wild and create these entertaining treat filled pouches for friends and family.


Brown Foamie Sheets (one sheet will make 2 favors)

Assorted fabric paints: white, and your favorite team's colors

Brown embroidery floss

Darning Needle


Assorted Party Favors: whistles, noise makers, misc. candies, cookies, curling ribbon, etc.


Cut foamie sheet in half, to make two layers. Trace and cut 2 football shapes (each 2 layers thick).

Blanket stitch 1/2 way around each to make 2 "pocket" shapes.

With fabric paints, add football lacing, team name, and other phrases (Go Team!, Score!, etc.), set aside to dry.

When paint is dry, fill pockets with party favors, curling ribbon, etc. Place in an attractive bowl, or basket and let your guests choose their favorite!

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