Sunflower Topiary

from week ending 7-25-99

Design and Instructions by Jodi Thompson


You may make your topiary any size you like. I bought a ready made form, but you could make your own from styrofoam. Secure tightly into the base with a combination of hot melt glue and Thick Designer Tacky glue. I used a soup cup that I got at a garage sale. You could use any pot deep enough to support the topiary. You could also buy one of those pots from Wal-Mart that already have the foam base secured into the pot and the topiary form sticking out of the base. You will need several bushes of the flower of your choice. Buy more than you think you will need. You can always take them back later. After tightly securing the topiary into your potglue spanish moss over the top of the foam sitting in the flower pot. This will cover the foam IN the pot. Beginning at the base, poke a hole into the styrofoam topiary form with a small screwdriver. Dip your sunflower (which has been removed from it's stalk) into your hot glue pot and poke into the hole you just made with the screw driver. Continue this process all the way up the topiary form. Put flowers close together, but not so close that you use way too many flowers. After filling the whole form with flowers, go back with small leaves saved from another project or the ones that came with whatever flower you're using. Where there is a gap in the flowers, dip a leaf into your glue and place in the gaps. How full you want it to be is up to you. Another way of filling in the gaps between flowers would be to glue tiny bits of spanish moss between the flowers. Tie a ribbon around the bottom stick of your topiary and enjoy.


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