St. Patrick's Day Sun Catcher

from week ending March 1, 1998

Design and Instructions by Diana Trupiano



1 sheet Aleene's Crafting Plastic

Aleene's Premium Coat Acrylics in the following colors: white, silver, black, dusty grey, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, hunter green

Aleene's Enhancers: Clear Gel Medium & Gloss Varnish

gold glitter dimensional paint

glass Rocaille Beads: green & clear

light weight fishing line

1/8" round hole punch


1) Lay Crafting Plastic over pattern. Trace pattern onto plastic sheet, marking hole punch locations.

2) Cut out pattern pieces, keeping cloud, rainbow and pot of gold as one piece.

3) Hole punch where indicated. 6 shamrocks will have 2 holes each, 3 shamrocks will have 1 hole.

4) Paint pieces according to picture, mixing gel medium with each color as you go. Keep in mind, brush strokes will show. Use this to your advantage to create texture in the cloud, shamrocks, etc.. Let dry.

5) With glitter paint, "fill" pot of gold with dots of paint. Let dry.

6) To make streamers, string shamrock cut outs with fishing line. Alternate beads, as desired, to space shamrocks. Streamers may be placed evenly, or alternating, as desired.

7) Tie a loop of fishing line through the hole at the top of the rainbow for a hanger.

NOTE: For a variation, instead if painting, try tissue paper collage. Instead of using glitter paint as "gold" try gluing gold Rocaille Beads in the area. How many variations can you think of?

Get the pattern here. To print the pattern set your display to 96 DPI (the Win95 Default) and print in landscape mode.


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