St. Pat's Pillow

from week ending March 15, 1998

Design and Instructions by Diana Trupiano



Aleene's Premium Coat Acrylic Paints: silver, black, dusty grey, holiday red, true orange, true yellow, true green, true blue, deep violet, soft mauve, ivory, hunter green, gold

Aleene's Enhancers: Textile Medium

(Optional) glitter gold and silver dimensional paints

Iron On Transfer Pencil

Black fine point permanent marker

13" square solid white fabric

13" square Aleene's Fusible Web

Ready made pillow, 14" minimum in size


19" of 45" wide solid green fabric

2/3 yd. holiday print fabric cut into 4 - 6" wide strips

Ready made pillow form

* I used an 18" pillow form, and made my cover, using decorative snaps for the closure.

small scrap of transfer paper


1) Cut out all pattern pieces.

2) Trace over all three pattern pieces with an Iron On Transfer Pencil.

3) Arrange pattern pieces, as desired, FACE UP on ironing board.

4) Lay solid white fabric square, FACE DOWN over pattern pieces.

5) With a hot DRY iron, press (DO NOT GLIDE) to transfer pattern to fabric, counting to 10 between moves of the iron.

6) Apply fusible web to wrong side of solid white fabric.

7) Fuse fabric pattern to pillow, or pillow cover. If using ready made pillow, be careful not to create wrinkles as you fuse. Use a light touch, holding your iron over each spot slightly longer than usual.

8) Paint design, according to picture, or as desired, mixing Textile Medium 1:1 with the acrylic paints. Very little paint is needed! A dime sized dollup was actually just about right. Remember: adding a medium to paint will extend it.

9) After painting is completely dry, add outlines and details with a black, fine tip permanent marker.

10) The facial details are better if you use transfer paper. Lay transfer paper, face down, over head area of pattern. Place Leprechaun pattern piece over top, lining it up with the rest of the image. Draw over the facial features with a pencil. They will be very light, but exact to the pattern. Then simply trace over these lines with your permanent marker.

*Optional* You may outline the image with glitter gold or silver, etc. dimensional paints, if desired. The "gold" in the pot can be painted with dimensional glitter paint instead of acrylic to create texture in the design. The outlines of the rainbow and cloud can be made with dimensional paints. Squiggly lines are fun, and much easier than following a straight or curved area.

To Make Pillow Cover:

Stitch short ends of patterned strips together to make a loop. Fold in half, wrong sides together and press. Baste 1/4" from raw edges. Gather to fit around pillow (72"). Pin to right side of one 19" sqaure, matching raw edges. Stitch 1/4" from raw edge all the way around. Place second 19" square over first, right sides together, matching raw edges. Stitch 5/8" from raw edge all around, leaving 10" open for inserting pillow form. Turn right side out. To finish, you can slip stitch the opening after your pillow is inserted, or add snaps, velcro, etc. to make removal of the pillow form easy.

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