St. Patrick's Refrigerator Magnets

from week ending 2/28/99

Design and Instructions by Diana Trupiano


Scraps of green Foamie sheets

Scraps of black Foamie sheets

Scrap of yellow Foamie sheets

Aleene's Gold Bottle Tacky Glue

Ultra Fine Glitter in green and gold

Gold glitter (regular size)

Permanent black marker

Tooth picks

Small round magnets or magnet stips cut into 3 - 1/2" pieces


  1. Trace patterns onto foamie sheets and cut out.

  1. Apply glue to desired areas. See photo for placement.

  2. Apply glitter over glue.

  3. Add detail lines to hat with permanent marker.

  4. Glue pieces for pot of gold together, using photo for placememnt.

  5. Glue glittered shamrock to hat and pot of gold. Let all glue dry completely.

  6. Glue magnets to back of shapes. Let glue dry.

How many St. Patrick's theme shapes can you think of??

As always, to print these patterns in correct size, you must have your display set to the Windows95 default setting of 96 ppi (pixels per inch).


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