Design and Instructions by Diana Trupiano

Angel   Traditional Patchwork   Reindeer (You-know-who!)

These stockings are all real, functional stockings. They are also all NO SEW. They're just waiting to be filled up with goodies!

Supplies for Angel Stocking:

Scraps of acrylic doll hair, color of your choice

1 sheet (9 x 12) white felt

2 sheets purple felt

1 gold chenille stem, or 12" wired star garland

Scrap ( approx. 4 x 6) flesh colored felt

Aleene's Thick Designer Tacky Glue

Silver, Gold, Black and Red paint pens

Assorted pearls, lace and misc. trims (optional)

Small fabric scraps (optional)

Scraps of Fiberfill

Instructions for Angel Stocking:

  1. Trace and cut out all pattern pieces.

  2. Run a bead of glue around edge of dress piece, leaving area between dots dry. Lay top piece over, matching edges. Press around edge with fingers.

  3. Run a bead of glue all around edge of face piece.

  4. Place a small ball of fiberfill in center.

  5. Place top piece over, press all around edge. Hold in place with clothes pins if needed, until dry.

  6. Repeat steps 3 - 5 with both wing sections.

  7. Glue hand pieces together. Lay between arm pieces and glue in place.

  8. Run a bead of glue around edge, add fiberfill as with face and wings.

  9. Glue hair to top of face piece.

  10. Add halo to head, wrapping around at least twice. Glue if needed on back side.

  11. With Silver paint pen, add "stitches" to edge of dress and arm pieces.

  12. With Gold paint pen, add "stitches" to edge of wing pieces.

  13. Add facial features to head piece.

  14. Attach head, arm, feet and wings where indicated.

  15. Decorate with fused fabrics, and misc. trims if desired.


Supplies for Patchwork Stocking:

1/3 yd of 38" muslin

Assorted Holiday fabric scraps

12" sqare Aleene's Ultra Hold Fusible Web

1/3 yd lace -like trim

Aleene's Thick Designer Tacky Glue

Gold glitter fabric paint (I used Scribbles)

Instructions for Patchwork Stocking:

  1. Fold muslin in half, widthwise. Lay on a flat work surface.

  2. Trace stocking shape, and cut out.

  3. Remove bottom layer and set aside.

  4. Fuse web to WRONG side of fabric scraps.

  5. Cut scraps in desired patch shapes.

  6. Remove paper backing on Fusible Web and fuse scraps in place.

  7. Add "stitch" lines with glitter paint writer, outlining each scrap piece. Let dry.

  8. Run a thick bead of glue around edge of stocking (on right side), leaving top edge dry.

  9. Lay back piece on top and press around edge. Let dry.

  10. Very carefully turn stocking right side out and press seam flat with fingers.

  11. Add trims to top edge.

  12. Add loop for hanging.


Supplies for Reindeer Stocking:

3 sheets (9 x 12) light brown felt

Scrap (8 x 4) pink felt

1 sheet green felt

Aleene's Thick Designer Tacky Glue

2 - 25mm Wiggle Eyes

1 - 2" Red pompom

3 - 1/2" Red pompoms

Fabric paints in: Glitter Green; Black; Light Blue

Scrap of Fiberfill

6" ribbon or string for hanger

Instructions for Reindeer Stocking:

  1. Trace and cut out all pattern pieces.

  2. Glue pink ear piece to brown ear piece.

  3. Fold and glue where indicated. Hold with clothes pins until dry.

  4. Place a bead of glue around edge of head piece, leaving area between dots dry.

  5. Press pieces together with fingers.

  6. Add vein lines to holly with glitter green paint writer.

  7. Trace facial features to head piece.

  8. Trace around wiggle eyes with pencil.

  9. Add eye lashes with black paint writer.

  10. Draw around eye outlines with blue paint writer.

  11. Carefully place eyes on blue paint. Press down slightly so paint comes up over edge a bit.

  12. Add mouth detail with black paint writer.

  13. Glue 2" pompom in place for nose.

  14. Once all paint is dry, glue holy leaves to back top of head in a fan shape.

  15. Glue antlers to front top of head piece.

  16. Glue ears to front top, covering antler bottoms.

  17. Glue small pompoms at top center of head for holly berries.

  18. Glue hanger to top center of back.

PATTERNS: To print these patterns in the correct size, you must have your display set to the Windows95 default of 96 ppi (pixels per inch).


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