Soda Bottle Windsocks

from week ending April 5, 1998

Design and Instructions by Diana Trupiano

This idea was first introduced to me in Aleene's Creative Living Magazine. I decided to add my own "touches", and came up with a tissue paper decoupage, and an interesting way to collage my son, John's, baby pictures.


1 - clear 2 liter soda bottle, rinsed clean and dried, with label intact.

For ribbon streamers, you will need 10 - 18" pieces of 11/4" ribbon.
You may choose to purchase all one color, or a variety of colors.

Or if you prefer...

For fabric streamers, you will need 1/2 yard of 45" wide fabric cut along the grain to make approximately 40 - 1" X 18" strips.

There are many ways to finish the body of your windsock, so start your imagination working as to the method you'd like to try...

Sunflower - Tissue paper appliqué: Using cut or torn pieces of tissue paper or paper napkins, to create a picture or mosaic design on either the inside or outside surface of the plastic bottle.

Baby Pictures - Collage: Using fabric scraps, magazine pictures, greeting cards, photographs or other pictures to create a scene or collage on the inside or outside surface of the plastic bottle. If you wish to use photographs, I suggest you get them photocopied in color, or if you'd like to color them in yourself, black and white. The photocopy paper is easier to work with, and your original photos won't get ruined.)

Clear Fish line

Swivel hook, optional, found with the fishing lures in your local store.

Aleene's Instant Decoupage, gloss finish

Paint brush, medium, flat ( I prefer these, but any brush will do.)

Decorative scissors

Hole punch

Aleene's 3-D Foiling Glue (optional)

Craft Foil (optional)


Instructions are the same for either windsock, with the exception of the streamers. The ribbon streamers were glued to the inside, the fabric streamers were tied in a knot at one end, and threaded through holes, punched 1/2" apart along the bottom edge of the windsock body.

1) Cut soda bottle top and bottom off, at either side of the label. I used a razor knife.

2) Decorate as desired.

3) Attach streamers, as desired.

4) Punch three holes, at even intervals, in the top edge of the windsock body. Thread an 18" length of fish line through each hole, meeting all thread ends at the top. Tie ends together, and attach to swivel hook.

There really are endless possibilities to how you can create your windsock design. Each of us has the talent to design fantastic works of art...we just need to let our creativity run wild! How many different ways can YOU think of to decorate your windsock?

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