Snowflake Tote Bag

Design and Instructions by Diana Trupiano 1999


Canvas Tote Bag in Navy Blue

Fabric Paints in Silver and White

Craft sized rubber stamps in snowflake shapes OR make your own. Click HERE for instructions.


  1. Lay bag flat on work surface to stamp one side at a time, OR fill bag with paper, cardboard, etc. to make it stand up. You can stamp the entire thing at one time this way - a great time saver!

  2. Choose your stamp. Coat the stamp lightly with the fabric paint using the paint bottle tip.

  3. Press stamp onto tote bag in desired location. Use even pressure on all edges of stamp.

  4. Hold bag down with one hand, and carefully lift stamp with the other. Repeat as desired.

  5. Once all stamps are applied, you can further embellish your bag with paint dots as in photo.

  6. Let bag dry overnight.

*If desired, washable glitter may be added to your design. After stamping an image, while paint is still wet, sprinkle glitter over paint. Tap off excess. Wait at least one week before laundering. Turn bag inside out to launder.

Remember to clean your stamps when you're through!!!!!!!

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