Sleeping Santa Wreath

from week ending 12/27/98

Design and Instructions by Diana Trupiano


12" Straw wreath

Hot or Aleene's Thick Designer Tacky glue

Silver, Gold and Green Glitter Fabric Paints

Black Fabric Paint

1 sheet green felt

2 sheets white felt

2 sheets red felt

1 - 1" gold bell

6 - 3/8" red bells

Blush Powder

Fiber fill

Paper Clip (for Hanger)

Polyester braid (found with doll hair and supplies)

Pinking Sheers


  1. Lay pattern over white felt. Cut out, set aside.

  2. Lay wreath over red felt. Trace curve of wreath onto felt. On right side, bring lines together to form a point. (see photo) Cut out, set aside.

  3. Cut 8 holly leaf shapes, approximately 3" long, from green felt.

  4. Add leaf detail with green glitter paint. Set aside to dry.

  5. Run a 1/4" ribbon of glue around the edge of red felt leaving straight edges dry. Press two sheets together. Let dry.

  6. Run a bead of glue at broken lines of "face". Place a small ball of fiberfill in center of cheek area. Press Sheets together, let dry.

  7. Place small amounts of fiberfill in beard area, and glue sheets together with a 1/4" ribbon of glue. Let dry.

  8. Place a small amount of fiberfill in red "hat".

  9. Position head/face piece on lower part of wreath. Glue in place. Position hat on upper part, glue in place.

  10. Glue poly braid where white and red felt meet.

  11. Glue holly leaves in place using photo as a guide.

  12. Add blush to tip of nose, cheek and lips.

  13. Add detail to hat and beard with gold and silver glitter paint. Let dry.

  14. Add eyelash detail with black paint. Let dry.

  15. Glue bells in place. Let dry.

  16. Cut paper clip in half and glue into back center top of wreath for a hanger. Let dry.





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