Simple Sun Catchers

from week ending February 8, 1998

Design and Instructions by Diana Trupiano


The mediums used for this craft are Reverse Collage and Foiling. These were originated at Aleene's creative Living. The variations on this craft are endless. Your imagination is the tool to craft inlimited designs!


Aleene's Crafting Plastic or picture framing plastic found at your craft store

Assorted tissue papers, colors and patterns of your choice

Aleene's Reverse Collage Glue

Paint Brush

Aleene's Foiling Glue

Press and Peel Crafting Foil, colors of your choice

Small Hole Punch

1/8" Ribbon, color of your choice


Choose your design. Designs can be found anywhere. I used an iron on transfer book for the tulip.

Cut Crafting Plastic to size. Lay on top of your pattern.

Trace over pattern with Aleene's Foiling Glue. Let dry overnight. The glue will be clear, but quite tacky when dry.

Apply crafting foil, shiny side up, over dried glue. Press with your fingers to adhere to glue. Peel foil away. If foil didn't stick to any areas, re-apply foil and press until all glue is covered.

Cut tissue paper to match pattern pieces, about 1/4" larger than pattern.

Turn foiled plastic over. You will be working on the back. Working one section of your pattern at a time, brush on Reverse Collage Glue. Crinkle tissue paper piece and apply to glued area. Smooth the tissue by applying another coat of collage glue over the top. The crinkled tissue will look like stained glass when the glue is dry. Repeat with the next pattern area, continuing until the entire pattern has been covered. Set aside to dry completely. When dry, punch holes at the top of your design and tie on ribbon to make a hanger, if desired.

*Tip* The clear border around the tulip design is just glue, dabbed on with a paint brush, and left to dry. You can make many different texture types with a simple paint brush. Try brushing the glue in a circular pattern, or criss cross hash marks for varying effects!

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