Spring Silk Florals

from week ending May 10, 1998

Design and Instructions by Diana Trupiano


Working with silk florals is one of the most enjoyable hobbies I have. And when I find supplies, such as the wreath bases above, for very little money, it's even more fun!

These wreaths, each 12" diameter, were purchased with the ivy vine pre-assembled, for $5.99 each! The grapevine swag is 30" across, and was purchased, plain, for $3.99.

To make the Pansy wreath at left, you will need:

1 - 12" grapevine wreath (If you can find one already covered in ivy, great!)

1 ivy garland (optional - if not already on wreath)

6 Pansy picks, assorted colors

4 - 6 White Baby's Breath picks

3 yards 2" wide ribbon

Floral wire


When putting a ribbon and bow on a wreath, it's easier to attach them BEFORE you attach the florals.

  1. Loosely wrap ribbon around wreath, leaving approximately 3" space between wraps. Glue or pick ribbon ends at back side.

  2. Make bow, glue or pick in desired location.

  3. Insert Pansy picks around wreath in spaces between ribbons.

  4. Insert Baby's Breath picks to fill in bare spots.

  5. Determine hanger location on back side of wreath. Insert florist wire and twist to form a loop.

  6. Hang in desired location and fluff bow loops.

These same steps were followed with the wreath at right, substituting small flower picks for the Pansies.

The swag was made by first covering the grapevine swag with an ivy garland, cut to length and hot glued in place. Then the flower picks were added. Some were cut off their wire stems, all were hot glued in place.

These silk florals are wonderful because they last for years. This is the third year I've used these!


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