Scarecrow Pin

from week ending 10/25/98

Design and Instructions by Deborah "Debs" Tyree

Here is another great project from Deb Tyree, Aleene's chatter and member of the Monthly Christmas Craft Exchange. This is a quick, easy project that is suitable for any age!


1- 2" x 1 1/2" Wooden half egg

1 - 2" straw hat

Plaid Paints in Medium Flesh, Rose Bouquet, Black and White

Moss or Straw scraps (for hair)

1" pin back

Scrap (6" - 8") 1/4" ribbon, color of your choice


Black paint pen or permanent marker

Hot glue, or Aleene's Thick Designer Tacky


  1. Paint egg Medium Flesh. Let dry.

  2. Add cheek and eye paint dots with a Q-tip. Let dry.

  3. Add other facial features with paint pen or permanent marker.

  4. Glue moss or straw in place for hair. Let dry.

  5. Cut straw hat in half and glue over hair. Trim back so it is even with egg back.

  6. Trim hair as needed.

  7. Glue ribbon to hat for band.

  8. Tie a small bow and glue to lower edge of egg for bow tie.

  9. Glue pin back to upper center of back.

This is another great bazaar item. Easy and quick to put together, and a sure seller!


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