Block Painted Shirt

from week ending 8/23/98

Design and Instructions by Diana Trupiano

Painting wearables is always fun. It's something that any age can do, with few supplies. I did this shirt in less than 20 minutes!


1 sweat shirt, any size, light colors work best

Washable glitter in silver

Paint block, pattern of your choice ( I used the "Rosebud" and "Water Can" stamps, from Chunky Stamps™ by Back Street Inc.)

Fabric Paints, colors of your choice (I used Silver, Pearl, Light Lavender, Lavender, Yellow, Light Blue, Holiday Green, Green and Rose)

T-shirt form

Paper towels


  1. Pre-wash and dry shirt with NO fabric softener.

  2. Insert shirt form and smooth flat.

  3. Plan design. Stamping image onto paper and cutting out multiples will help in laying out more intricate patterns.

  4. Load stamp right from paint bottle tip. It will seem like you have too much paint, but the fabric will absorb a lot. The leaves of the rosebud stamp were double loaded with the darker green on the outside, and lighter green on the inside. This gives a nice shaded effect.

  5. When stamp is loaded, place face down on shirt in pre-determined placement. Press lightly on entire surface of stamp, making sure to get all the edges and corners.

  6. With one hand, hold down shirt. With the other hand, lift stamp straight up to remove.

  7. Wipe stamp with damp paper towel to remove any excess paint before loading with another color.

  8. Repeat stamping until desired design is achieved.

  9. For water can stamp, load with silver paint and stamp in desired location. Immediately sprinkle glitter over wet paint and let stand a few minutes.

  10. Shake off excess glitter onto a piece of paper to save for further use.

  11. Add water drops with pearl paint by squeezing a small drop of paint, and drawing the bottle away and off the surface of the shirt.

  12. Let shirt dry completely, over night is best. Wait at least one week before laundering.

Have you ever MADE YOUR OWN STAMPS? It's much easier than you think, and VERY INEXPENSIVE! See Craft Project Archives, or click HERE for complete instructions!


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