Rainy Day Fun Suncatcher

from week ending 1/17/99

Design and Instructions by Diana Trupiano

This is an easy, fun project to make on a rainy day, and can be made with a variety of things. What a great way to use your scrap box!


Aleene's Crafting Plastic

Assorted colors Tissue Paper (I used light blue, and confetti)

Assorted colors Tulip paint writers ( I used red, blue, yellow, green and gold glitter)

Aleene's Reverse Collage Glue


Paint brush

Pattern (below)

1/8" round hole punch


  1. Lay plastic sheet over pattern and cut to size.

  2. Punch hole where indicated.

  3. If using paint for hand prints, do this now. Sponge or brush desired color of paint onto child's hand. Gently press in place. Let dry completely.

  4. If using tissue paper cut out, position cut out on underside, to desired location. Gently trace outline. Turn plastic over. Brush a thin coat of Reverse Collage Glue within out line. Carefully lay tissue paper in place. Brush another coat of Reverse Collage Glue over the top of the tissue paper. Let dry completely.

  5. Turn plastic over and lay over pattern. With paint writers, add out lines and borders in straight or squiggley lines. Let dry completely.

  6. Turn plastic over. Apply thin coat of Reverse Collage Glue within border lines. Lay tissue over glue. Apply a thin coat over the top. Let dry. Once dry, carefully trim or tear excess tissue away.

  7. Hang in a sunny window, and enjoy!

Try to think of several different ways to decorate your suncatcher. Fall leaves, real or silk, florals, even photographs will make this project into a keepsake!


As always, to print these patterns in correct size, you must have your display set to the Windows95 default setting of 96 ppi (pixels per inch).






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