Patriotic Rag Tag Quilt

Design and instructions by Diana Trupiano ŠJune2002

This is a very forgiving quilt project. I usually have problems matching seams and points when I quilt.
The fringed edges on this fun and easy quilt hide a multitude of sins!


36 - 5" squares RED gingham check

36 - 5" squares BLUE gingham check

72 - 5" squares STAR PRINT

28 - 9" squares STAR PRINT

6 - 9" squares PLAIN WHITE

17 - 8" squares Warm 'N' NaturalŽ cotton BATTING

72 - 4" squares Warm 'N' NaturalŽ cotton BATTING

Dressmaker's disappearing marking pen

Instructions: All seam allowances are 1/2"

  1. Sandwich pieces together, centering batting between backing and top. This will leave a 1/2" border around batting.

  2. Stitch diagonally corner to corner on all large star print pieces.

  3. Stitch horizontal and vertical lines, centered on all gingham check pieces.

  4. Pin white pieces around edges.

  5. Mark and stitch star pattern on all white pieces.

  6. Stitch gingham check pieces into 4-piece grids, alternating colors, with seams facing the RIGHT side.

  7. Using photo as a guide, stitch squares into rows with seams facing the RIGHT side.

  8. Stitch rows together with seams facing the RIGHT side.

  9. Very carefully clip all seams (raw edges) at 1/4" spacing. If you accidently clip through your stitching,
    just go back to your machine and stitch over your mistake. I did it twice!

  10. Once all seams are clipped, machine wash and dry the quilt. This will create your fringes!

To print this pattern in the correct size, you must set your printer to the Windows monitor default of 96 dpi.
If using a graphics program, this page should be set to print 8 1/2 x 11".

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