Pot O' Gold Wreath

from week ending March 8, 1998

Design and Instructions by Diana Trupiano



8" moss wreath (Irish, of course!)

2 yds. rainbow striped ribbon

1 wired shamrock garland ( I got mine at the fabric store for 79 cents)

1 - 3" styrofoam ball

1 slice white bread

1 Tbl. Aleene's Gold Bottle Tacky Glue

Aleene's Premium Coat Acrylic Paint - Black

Toy coins - OR - round "Woodsies" cut outs painted gold

round toothpicks

florist wire

Misc. Shamrock shapes (optional)


1) Cut styrofoam ball in half. Lay flat side down and cut off top 1/4. Set aside.

2) Remove crust from bread slice, discard crust. Tear bread into small pieces and put into a disposable cup or bowl. Add Tacky Glue and about 1 tsp. of black paint. Mix with craft stick or fork until well blended, but sticky. Remove, and knead with your hands until all the paint is blended in, and you have the texture of soft clay.

3) Pinch off a ball approximately 1" diameter, set aside. Roll or hand flatten remaining clay to form a circle approximately 5" across. Lay clay over styrofoam ball and gently press in place, folding extra around the back. Roll small ball into a snake about 5" long. Pinch off 1", set aside. Place snake around the top edge of your "pot" and gently press in place, folding excess around to the back. Divide remaining clay into two small pea sized balls and press in place at the bottom to form the feet of the pot. Carefully press a few "coins" into the top of the pot. Cutting slots with a craft knife makes them insert easier. Set pot aside to dry overnight. It will seem very heavy while the clay is still wet. Once completely dry, it will be light weight and easy to attach to your wreath.

4) Wrap shamrock garland around wreath, as desired. (I wrapped it only once, and used about 1/2 of the garland)

5) Wrap rainbow ribbon around wreath, alternating garland. Attach with glue or pins, cut off excess for bow. Tie bow and attach to wreath. Dove tail ribbon ends and glue to wreath in a wave pattern if desired.

6) Once pot is dry, attach to wreath with hot glue or Tacky glue. Insert toothpicks through the back of the wreath in an upward diagonal direction, into the back of the pot to help secure it.

7) Glue gold coins to wreath, as desired.

8) Glue shamrock shape to pot, if desired. (Confession time...I'm real lucky I picked up a couple of those shamrock shapes, since I was too impatient to wait 'til the pot dried. As I was pushing the toothpicks through, I squished the rim of the pot! The shamrock came in VERY handy to cover my goof!)

9) Hold up the wreath with one finger only, to find the location for the hanger. If you off set your pot like I did, the hanger location won't be right in the center. Insert a 5" piece of florist wire through the back and twist to make the hanger.

You can place your "pot O' gold" any where on your wreath. Try it in the center bottom, with coins spilling out on either side, or at the very top! I'd love to see the ideas you come up with... email me!

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