Polygonmad's Easter Wreath

from week ending 3/21/99

This adorable wreath was designed and crafted by Pauline "Polygonmad" McHaffie. The minute I saw this photo, I asked Poly if I could share it with you. I love it!


1 wire coat hanger

Green material to measure 8" wide by 2-to-2 1/2 times the length of wire, depends how fluffy you want wreath

1/4 yd. white Teri-cloth (for bunnies)

Green thread

Sewing needle

Glue (optional)

Misc. colors and sizes of pom poms

Silk leaves

1 package children's stick on earrings

Misc. sequin  shapes

Misc. Ribbons and bows

Black and pink buttons (for eyes and noses)

Plastic eggs, colors of your choice


  1. With hanger, cut the top curve off, open until almost straight.

  2. Measure length.

  3. Take green material; fold in half, right sides togehter, lengthwise. Glue or sew along thelong edge, to form a tube. Turn to right side.

  4. Put wire in tube, form a circle. Fasten ends, then draw the material over and glue, to complete the tube.

  5. Gather the material on the inside edge of wreath, by sewing a running stich all around. This will tightn the material, and make it a flat surface to glue on.

  6. Fold Teri-cloth, right sides together, matching selvedged edges. Cut two squares, approximately 8".

  7. Draw an "S" shape, (see photo). Cut out pattern pieces.

  8. Stitch around entire edge of "S" shape. Using photo as a guide, cut a diagonal slit through one layer only. Turn to the right side.

  9. Tie ribbon around "neck" area. Glue buttons for eyes and nose, and a pompom tail.

  10. Position bunnies on wreath, as desired. Glue in place.

  11. Glue pompoms, silk leaves, stick on earrings and plastic eggs, as desired.

This is Polly's pattern for the bunnies.

Thank you Polly for once again sharing your crafting talents with us!


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