The last project for 1999!

Polly's Beady Peoples

Design by Polly Lalaonde


1-3/4" red wooden bead
1-4" peice of copper craft wire-26 gauge
1-pipecleanr,red or white
1-1/2" gold bead cap
2 heart shaped white pony beads
5 star shaped white pony beads
5-1/4"red tri-beads
2-1/8" red faceted beads
1-1/16th "faceted clear bead
19-red barrel pony beads
1- pair of needle nose pliers
1-pair of wire cutters


Hard to see part--cut pipecleaner in half, bend both pieces like this--->< 
then use the copper wire to join them togther in the center, by bending
only one end of copper wire around. Make it tight so none of the wires
will move, the copper wire will be in center.

Thanks Polly for yet another great project!!!!!!!!!!!



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