Pet I.D. Tags

from week ending 1/3/99

Design and Instructions by Diana Trupiano

This is the time of year to check smoke alarm batteries, fire extinguishers, etc. So why not make your pet safe too? These tage are so easy and quick, you can make them in minutes!


Aleene's Shrink-it™ plastic in opaque

Colored Pencils

Fine point permanent marker

Sand Paper (fine grit)

1/8" hole punch


Jump rings (found in the jewelry aisle)


Baby powder

Aleene's Baking Board (optional)


  1. Sand Shrink-it in both direstions.

  2. Lay over pattern and trace outline.

  3. Cut out piece.

  4. With colored pencils, decorate as desired.

  5. With permanent marker, add name and address information.

  6. Hole punch at designated locations.

  7. Sprinkle baby powder on baking noards or cookie sheet.

  8. Lay cut out on powder.

  9. Bake at 265 until completely flat. Be patient! it can take a few minutes. Cool completely before handling.

  10. Wipe off excess powder.

  11. Attach to pet's collar with jump rings.


How many shapes can YOU think of? How about a fire hydrant for your dog, or a fish for your cat? The possibilities are endless!

As always, to print these patterns in correct size, you must have your display set to the Windows95 default setting of 96 ppi (pixels per inch).





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