Peace Dove Votive Cover

from week ending 5/16/99

These photos show the project both with candle burning, and unlit. The details don't show up real well, but tissue paper collage looks like stained glass when complete.

Design and Instructions by Diana Trupiano

This project is called a votive "cover", not "holder" because even though votive candles are small, they can generate a great deal of heat. Crafting Plastic will hold it's shape much better than Shrink-it, but too much heat WILL warp and disfigure your craft. Be sure to place your candle in a heat safe container before placing in votive cover.


1 sheet Aleene's Crafting Plastic

Tissue paper in white and light blue

Aleene's Reverse Collage Glue

Aleene's Gold Bottle Tacky Glue

Ultra Fine Glitter in Multi



Flat paint brush

Pattern (see below)

Votive or tea light candle

Heat safe votive cup


  1. Center pattern on Crafting Plastic sheet. Trace half of pattern onto plastic; flip pattern and trace.

  2. Carefully cut out pattern with scissors.

  3. Lay two layers of tissue over pattern. Trace around dove shape approximately 1/8" larger than pattern.

  4. Repeat with one layer of blue tissue for sky/cloud area. You may include long tabs if desired.

  5. Crumple tissue; very carefully uncrumple.

  6. Apply Reverse Collage Glue to one dove shape. Carefully lay one dove cut out over glue, matching outer edges, and allowing center to wrinkle. Press onto glue with fingertips or paint brush. Do not worry about tissue that hangs over the edge, or doesn't meet completely with pattern lines. You will cover that later.

  7. Apply a thin coat of collage glue over tissue.

  8. Repeat with remaining dove, and sky/cloud cut outs; set aside to dry completely.

  9. Trim away any tissue overlapping the outer edge.

  10. Lay tissue side down on work surface.

  11. Apply a thin line of Tacky Glue to all outlines, and outer edge.

  12. Apply Ultra Fine Glitter to glue; tap off excess; let dry completely.

  13. Fold tabs where indicated on pattern.

  14. Overlap tabs, mark and cut where indicated on pattern.

  15. Fit tabs together; place votive or tea light candle IN HEAT SAFE CONTAINER in center of cover.

**Never leave a burning candle unattended. Always supervise children (and child like adults) around burning candles!**

As always, to print patterns in correct size, you must have your display set to the Windows95 default setting of 96 ppi (pixels per inch). This sheet, when printed correctly, measures 8 1/2" x 11".


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