Patriotic Picture Frames

from week ending 5/7/98

Design and Instructions by Diana Trupiano

Frame with painted hearts       Frame with spattered heart

Here are two variations of my crackled patriotic frames. The pictures are from the Big Four Mountain Ice Caves trail, my favorite Cascade Mountains late summer hike.


Wood or Paper Mache' frame blanks

Asst. Woodsies™ die cut wooden heart shapes

Aleene's Mosaic Crackle Medium, Steps One and Two

Aleene's Premium Coat Acrylics in Holiday Red, Navy Blue, and White

Aleene's Gloss Varnish

Aleene's All Purpose Primer


  1. Sand rough edges of wood pieces.

  2. Apply primer to all surfaces, let dry.

  3. Apply Crackle Medium - Step One, according to bottle directions, using desired base color. Let dry.

  4. Apply top coat of acrylic color of choice. Let dry.

  5. Apply Crackle Medium - Step Two. Let Dry.

  6. Paint hearts as desired. Let dry

  7. Apply Gloss Varnish to hearts. Let dry.

  8. Arrange hearts in desired pattern on frame. Glue in place with hot glue, or Aleene's Thick Designer Tacky Glue. Let Dry.

*Optional* If you want your frame to be a stand up frame to display on a table or shelf, cut a triangle the same heigth as your frame and approximately 3" wide. Cut off the top 3" of the triangle. Paint to match frame. Score a line across the top of the cardboard shape, about 1" from the top edge. Bend to crease. Apply glue to this area, and attach to the back, center of your frame.

For a hanging frame, glue a loop of string or wire to the top, center of the finished frame.


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