Summer Fun Mesh Bag

Design and Instructions by Diana Trupiano

Use this bag for toting toys,   packing for a sleep over   or packing a picnic!

This is a VERY EASY project, taking under an hour, and $5.00 to make. The mesh is perfect for wet beach toys or clothes, bathtub toys, fine washables, an ecological grocery bag, just about everything. I love mine, and find new uses for it constantly.

Note* You can certainly use a serger to make this bag, but I made mine using only my regular sewing machine.


2/3 yd. Utility Mesh

1 pkg. Double Fold Bias Tape - 1/4" wide, color of your choice

1 pkg. Double Fold Bias Tape - 1/2" wide, color of your choice

Thread to match


  1. Fold mesh in half to measure 18" X 24".

  2. Cut along fold to make two pieces.

  3. Stitch down both long sides and one short side, with a narrow zigzag stitch.

  4. Apply 1/4" bias tape to three stitched sides.

  5. Cut 2 19" pieces of wide bias tape.

  6. Open ends and press flat.

  7. Fold in 1/4" on each end and press.

  8. Re-fold bias tape and pres.

  9. Stitch to top edges, overlapping ends 1/4", to create two casings.

  10. Cut remaining narrow bias tape in half.

  11. Stitch down the center of each narrow piece to create ties.

  12. Thread one piece through both casings to make a loop. Knot ends together.

  13. Repeat with remaining piece of bias tape IN THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION. This creates the cinch top.

(Pull knots to close bag, place fingers inside and pull to open.)

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