Jewelry Dust Cover

from week ending 1/24/99

Design and Instructions by Diana Trupiano

I started hanging my jewelry on cork boards years ago. I got tired of cleaning the hairspray and dust off of everything though, and decided I needed a better way. I came up with this idea, and it works great! This is an easy (and cheap!) way to keep your jewelry organized and dust free. I have this organizer hanging on my bathroom door. You can vary the size and layout to suit your particular needs.

Supplies for a 12" x 12" organizer (Mine is double wide, 12" x 24". Just double your width measurement, and follow the same instructions as the 12" x 12".):

1 square 1/4" thick cork board (Comes packaged in two or three squares)

1/2 yard 8 gauge vinyl, clear or frosted (I used frosted)

1 sheet Aleene's Crafting Plastic

Double stick foam mounting tape

Ball head straight pins

Sewing machine, or needle and thread



Ink pen


  1. Measure and cut vinyl 16 x 16 inches.

  2. On one end, measure and cut a 1 1/2" square at each corner. This will be the bottom.

  3. On other end, measure and cut 1 1/2" in from the side, and 2" down from top on each side.

  4. Fold bottom so 1 1/2" cut edges in one corner match. Stitch along cut edge to form a "box corner". Repeat on other bottom side.

  5. On top, fold corner in the same way, leaving the extra 1/2" extending. Stitch as with bottom on both top corners.

  6. Turn right side out, clip excess threads.

  7. Fold 1/2" extra vinyl along top edge and crease well with fingers.

  8. Apply double stick tape to cork square. Use 1" long pieces, and place them 1/4" in from edges, at all four corners, and in center along edge.

  9. Lay vinyl "box" wrong side up on work surface.

  10. Lay cork square, tape side up in vinyl box.

  11. Remove backing from top edge tapes and fold vinyl down to meet center of tape pieces. Press well with fingers. The lower half of each tape should be exposed.

  12. With scissors, cut in about 1" on each side of the vinyl, about 1" down from the top to make it easier to lift vinyl once in place on wall.

  13. Remove backing from lower edge tapes.

  14. Place organizer on wall or door, where desired, and press in place. Be sure all tapes are securely pressed to wall or door surface.

  15. From Crafting Plastic, measure and cut one piece 11" x 1 1/4".

  16. Measure and mark 1/2" in from one long side. Fold at mark and finger press to form an "L" shape.

  17. Lift vinyl cover, and slip the short side between the vinyl and cork, with the wider side resting on the top edge of the cork. This will help your cover hang better.

  18. Use straight pins to hang necklaces. Double or triple longer necklaces so they don't hang beyond the vinyl cover.

  19. Stick earrings directly into cork, in pairs of course. Earring backings can be stored in a jewelry box, or in a pouch right on the organizer.


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