Hearts & Roses Pin
with matching earrings

from week ending 8/8/99

Design and Instructions by Diana Trupiano©1999

I designed this pin and earrings set for my friend, Christie (that's her in the photo), and gave it to her for her birthday.


1/2 brick Sculpy Polymer Clay in Pink Pearl

1" ball Sculpy Polymer Clay in Green

1" ball Sculpy Polymer Clay in Blue Pearl

1" bar style pin back

2 - small earring posts & backs

Aleene's Thick Designer Tacky Glue, or Hot glue

Aluminum Foil

Cookie Sheet

Scrap (about 1" square) Aleene's Shrink-it Plastic

Round toothpics


  1. Cover a cookie sheet with aluminum foil.

  2. Knead Pink Pearl clay until soft. Break off three balls of clay, about 1/2" in diameter.

  3. Roll each ball into a snake about 12" long. Try to keep them all smooth, and the same thickness.

  4. Braid pieces snugly.

  5. Form a 2" heart shape by lightly pinching the center of the braid into a point, and rounding the ends to form the top. Overlap ends as needed, and trim. The heart should be 2" wide by 2" tall.

  6. At the top center, press with your finger to flatten an area about 1/2" across.

  7. With remaining pink clay, form roses and buds: Start with a pea sized ball of clay. Flatten the ball between your index finger and thumb, and then roll into a loose scroll shape. This is a bud, or center of a rose. Take another ball of clay, and flatten as before. Fold the clay around the "bud" and lightly pinch at the base. You have just added your first petal. Continue to add petals, overlapping them 1/3 each time, until the desired size has been reached.

  8. Make two full roses, as similar as possible, for the earrings. To flatten the bottoms, snip each rose 1/3 of the way up with scissors. Set on foil covered cookie sheet. You can add a leaf, or smaller buds to earring rose if a larger earring is desired.

  9. Continue to make 2 roses and 2 buds from pink clay. Set aside.

  10. From Blue Pearl clay, make one large rose, two smaller roses, and one bud. Set aside.

  11. Divide green clay into three balls.

  12. Roll one ball of green clay between your thumb and index finger to form a tear drop shape. Lay on foil and flatten gently to form a leaf shape.

  13. Press scrap of Shrink-it into leaf to add veining. Carefully lift leaf shape and place on center flattened area of heart. Bending the leaf a bit will give your finished project more character.

  14. Repeat with remainig green clay, positioning leaves to overhang the heart by about 2/3'ds. Refer to photo if needed.

  15. Add roses and rose buds as desired. Remember to add in layers. The flowers you want to show the most should be added last. HINT: I use toothpicks to help position the roses. carefully insert a toothpick in the center of the flower, lift and place in position. Then gently press the base of the flower into the heart. Be careful to keep the base hidden, or cover with more flowers.

  16. Once all flowers have been placed as desired, bake at 265º for 40 minutes. Turn on your vent hood fan during baking. Let cool completely before handling.

  17. When cool, carefully remove pin and earring roses from foil. Glue pin back to center top of heart. Glue an earring back to each rose. Let glue dry completely.

This project looks difficult, but once you get the feel for making the roses, it's really very easy. I used Sculpy in this project for two reasons: it's softer than Fimo, thus easier to work with; and I like the pearl colors available from Sculpy. They add just a hint of sparkle.


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