Harvest Straw Wreath

from week ending 9/19/99


Design and Instructions by Diana Trupiano 1997

I made this wreath a few years ago, but I continue to use it each year at this time. The wire edge ribbon makes storage and re-use a snap. You just hang your wreath, and reposition your bow. It works wonderfully every year!



16" or 18" straw wreath base

1 - 3 blossom silk floral pick (I used Daisies)

1 - Multi-leaf fall pick

1 Fall berry garland

1 - 3 yard spool wired Fall theme ribbon

1 - 8" Scarecrow

Hot glue gun and sticks

Floral wire

Wire cutters


  1. Wind berry garland around wreath base. Secure by twisting or gluing ends.
  2. Glue scarecrow in desired location.
  3. Pull flowers off of pick and glue at base of scarecrow.
  4. Repeat step 3 with leaves, adding some above scarecrow also.
  5. Form a multi-loop bow with wired ribbon, leaving tails at least 12" long. Cut ribbon tails decoratively if desired.
  6. Glue ribbon in place, as desired.
  7. If needed for hanging, cut a 6" length of wire and insert through straw at top center back of wreath. Twist into a loop for hanging.


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