Let's Decorate for Halloween!

Design and Instructions by Diana Trupiano

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays to decorate. I usually have at least a dozen pumpkins! The scarecrow above was made from my old clown costume, to which I fused some fabric "patches". The pig is just one in my ever growing collection! The "other" animals are my wonderful dogs, Brandon (left) and CeeCee.

Supplies to make the scarecrow:

One pair jeans or overalls

One shirt

One pair boots

One pair gardening gloves

One bandana, color of your choice

One straw hat

Raffia or long straw

Muslin fabric approximately 1 yard

Preserved fall leaves

Tall kitchen garbage bags, about 10



Safety Pins

A long garden stake or broom handle


Hot glue gun and glue sticks


  1. Decide weather your scarecrow will sit or stand. This will determine the length of the stake needed.

  2. Fill the plastic garbage bags with newspapers. Tie the open ends in a knot.

  3. Stuff the clothing with the bags.

  4. Pin the clothing together with safety pins.

  5. For head, stuff garbage bag until desired size and shape are achieved.

  6. Lay muslin flat on work surface. Place bag in center, tied end up. Bring corners up and gather around knot. Tie with twine.

  7. Draw face on muslin, or quickly fuse fabric pieces for features. Be careful, the heat of the iron can melt the plastic bag underneath!

  8. Glue hat to head. Add silk flowers to hat, if desired.

  9. Glue preserved leaves to side and back of head, just under the brim of hat, for hair. Reserve some leaves for wrist and ankle area.

  10. Attach head with pins. Tuck excess muslin and plastic bag into neck area.

  11. Push stake into the ground so the top is level with the top of the scarecrow's head. Position body as desired. Tie to stake with twine.

  12. Tie bandana around neck to cover join.

  13. Stuff gloves with Fiberfill. Attach to sleeves with safety pins.

  14. Insert stems of preserved leaves and some of the long raffia into sleeves, if desired.

  15. Roll a thick section of newspaper, and then fold in half. Insert into boot, and then into pant leg.

  16. Insert stems of preserved leaves and some of the long raffia into cuff and boot, if desired.

  17. Position arms as desired. Tie with twine, or pin if needed.

Add pumpkins, spider webbing, corn stalks, etc. to complete the look. I sat my scarecrow on a hay bale, and placed a carved pumpkin on her lap. Behind her, are corn stalks, synthetic spider webs, and leaves placed in the webbing at random locations. It's difficult to see in the picture, but next to the largest pumpkin in front of the window, is a large wash tub, filled with water and green and red apples. On Halloween night, I added floating candles. The effect was wonderful, and got plenty of oooohhh's and aaaahhhhh's!

**What do you give out as treats? Every year, I make my own treats. I've given cookies, popcorn balls, cup cakes, etc. and have always had great response from the neighborhood parents. The reason for this, is I always include either a sticker or gift type tag with the following message:

This is a SAFE TREAT from:
The Trupiano's
10910 NE 185th Street E-104
Bothell, WA 98011
(425) 486-5864

I will usually include the recipe, with other hints and tips for varying the treat to suit other holidays and celebrations. In all the years I have done this, I have only recieved ONE phone call from a crazed woman telling me I shouldn't do it. Once I explained to her that I obviously wouldn't give out dangerous treats and put my name on them, and reminded her that it was from the treat bag that she got my number in the first place, she actually apologized. I get several calls each year. Some to check the information and verify it's safety, and others to thank me for a wonderful and unusual treat. I've made some wonderful friends too!

Won't you consider going an extra few steps to make a memorable and exciting batch of treats this year? The kids will remember you fondly, and the parents will thank you for the extra effort!


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