Guardian Garden Angel

from week ending 4/18/99

Design and instructions by Diana Trupiano

This angel was made with items I had on hand, except the moss...(A BIG thank you to the crew of the Juanita Michael's who let me in even though they were closing!!!!!). She can be made with any florals you have on hand, and a few little "extras".


6" styrofoam cone

2 1/2" styrofoam egg

Scrap of nylon stocking


1/4" dowel

4" grapevine wreath

6" grapevine broom

Hot glue gun and sticks OR glue suitable for outdoor use, such as E6000

Misc. Silk Florals (I used a large peony for the hair, red rose buds, an orange chrysanthemum, and some sweet peas.)

Round toothpicks


  1. Double the nylon stocking and wrap around egg, gathering in center. Glue in place, clip off excess.

  2. Push a toothpick 1/2 way into the top of the cone. Remove and push 1/2 way into the egg, at the narrow end, just below the glued area.

  3. Apply glue to one end of toothpick. Insert into hole in cone. Repeat with other end and insert in hole in egg.

  4. Pull broom bristles apart to make two wing shapes.

  5. Glue to center back of cone. NOTE* A straight pin or two will help keep the wings in place.

  6. Apply glue to cone, a small section at a time, and cover glue with moss. Be sure to cover the handle area of the broom so only the wings show.

  7. Choose florals for hair, glue in place on the top of the egg.

  8. Choose florals for arms, and dress accents. Glue in place.

  9. For face, choose "whispy" looking foliage to use for eye lashes. I cut a heart shape from a red flower petal for mouth.

  10. Push dowel into center bottom of cone; remove.

  11. Apply glue to dowel end; insert into cone.

  12. Cover remaining cone bottom with glue and moss.

Place your angel anywhere you need a little "devine gardening intervention"!


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