Grapevine Wreath Picture Frame

from week ending 9/20/98

Design and Instructions by Diana Trupiano

This is one of my favorite picture frames. I love framing, and designing different ways to display my favorite photos. This frame is super easy, and takes only minutes to put together with hot glue.


1 - 3" grapevine wreath

Scrap (approx. 3" square) black tag board

Scrap (approx. 3" square) Aleene's Crafting Plastic

Hot Glue or Aleene's Thick Designer Tacky Glue

1 yd. 1/4" satin ribbon

1 silk ribbon flower


  1. Lay wreath on tag board, trace around outside edge.

  2. Cut out shape. Trim around edge of tag board cut out until it is no longer visible from the front of the wreath.

  3. Lay tag board cut out on Crafting Plastic. Trace and cut out plastic.

  4. Wrap ribbon loosely around wreath. Overlap and glue ends down. Cut off extra ribbon.

  5. Cut a 1" piece of ribbon from left over. Set aside.

  6. Make a multi looped bow from remaining ribbon. Glue to wreath in desired location.

  7. Glue plastic to back of wreath. Let dry.

  8. Place dots of glue around the bottom half of plastic, at edge. Let dry.

  9. Place glue on dry dots. Lay tag board piece on glue, lining up edges. Let dry.

  10. Overlap ends of 1" ribbon piece and glue to back, center top of frame for a hanger. Let dry.

  11. Trim photo to fit in frame. Slide between tag board and plastic.

This frame idea can be used for any occasion. Try gluing three frames to a 2" wide length of satin or velvet ribbon. Add a bow to the top, and hang for a stunning effect! Change the ribbon and flower colors to suit any season or holiday. How many variations can you think of?


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