Recycled Glass Ball Ornaments

from week ending 12/6/98

Design and Instructions by Donnamarie Walker

Supplies for Glitter Ornament:

1 Glass Ball Ornament
1/4 wide double stick tape or sheet of double stick tape
Iridescent Glitter, color of your choosing
Small bowl

For Stained Glass Ornament:

1 Glass Ball Ornament
Gallery Glass Leading-Black
Gallery Glass Paints-Assorted Colors

For Both Ornaments:

Silk Roses

1. Wash the glass ball ornament in warm, soapy water, add a few drops of bleach to the inside of the ball, swish around. You will need a Q-tip to help remove the interior paint. This takes a little patience so don't rush! Rinse thoroughly and allow to dry completely.

2. For the clear glitter ball ornament, take 1/4 inch double stick tape and wrap around the ball as shown in the photo, or you can make your own design. You can also cut out shapes of your choosing from sheets of double stick tape, like snowflakes, trees, diamonds, and place them on the glass ball. Make sure you press the tape onto the ball, making sure it has adhered well.

3. Do one strip at a time and remove the backing of the tape as you go because each strip will overlap the others on the bottom of the ornament. This can get a bit tricky since the tape is very sticky, just be careful not to touch the tape too much.

4. Pour some iridescent glitter into a small bowl, or any color you choose. Be generous, you'll want to have plenty. Place the ball into the bowl, roll and press gently. Keep rolling and pressing until all the tape is covered, pressing the glitter into the tape as you go. Check for any missed spots, add more glitter if needed, then take a soft brush and remove any excess glitter from the ball.

5. For the stained glass ornament, clean the glass ball in the same manner as in Step 1 and allow to dry completely.

6. Add your leading lines, or pre-made leading strips. You can do the simple design above or use your own, like a Christmas tree, Santa, or Snowman, then place the glass ball on a dowel upside down until dry.

7. Fill in the leading lines with the colors of your choosing and allow to dry completely.

8. Decorate the glass balls with lace, ribbons, and silk roses or ribbon roses. When hung on your tree, place the glass ball ornament in front of a light, or, if you are really talented, place the light inside the ornament and secure.

Happy Crafting!!!
Original Designs Submitted by Donnamarie Walker


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