Ghost Pins


Design and Instructions by Deborah "Debs" Tyree

What a great idea! These pins are quick and easy for any age. How about making enough to give your "trick -or- treaters"?


Wooden Craft Spoons

Wooden heart cut outs, varius sizes

1" pin backs

Hot Glue

Acrylic paint in White, and Orange

Paint pens in Black, and Pink


  1. Paint spoon white, let dry.

  2. Paint heart orange, let dry.

  3. With black paint pen, add border and message to heart.

  4. With white paint, add dot "fingers" to heart, at upper sides.

  5. Glue heart to spoon as shown.

  6. With paint pens, add facial features.

  7. Glue pin back to center back of spoon, let dry.

Now wasn't that easy!? Have fun with these adorable pins. Make one for everyone you know!


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