Fun Foam Smores
Pin or Magnet

Design and Instructions by Diana Trupiano 2001

I designed this pin/magnet for a scout leader looking for a "smores" themed project.
The gold paint sponging gives a toasty effect!


Fun Foam scraps in the following colors: white, light brown, dark brown

Craft Glue

Craft sticks

Brown or black permanent marker

1 - 1" pin back OR 1" strip magnet


Gold acrylic paint


Optional - 1/8" round hole punch, or heart shaped hole punch


  1. Trace patterns to correct color foam.

  2. Carefully cut out all pieces.

  3. Onto light brown (cracker) pieces, draw dots or hole punch to resemble a graham cracker.

  4. Lightly sponge paint onto light brown and white pieces, sponging heavier at edges of white piece; let dry.

  5. Glue pieces together in the following order: light brown, white, dark brown, light brown; let dry.

  6. Glue pin back or magnet to top, center of back side; let dry.

Set your printer to the Windows default of 96dpi to print correct size.


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