Floating Disk Doggie Toy


This is my sweetheart, the thieving little stinker! You can't read it, but this toy came from pets.com. It was returned to it's rightful owner moments after this photo was taken!

Design and instructions by Diana Trupiano 2000

I realized the importance of floating dog toys recently when I brought my beautiful Golden Retireiver, CeeCee to a local park that has a wonderful off leash area for dogs. CeeCee kept stealing other dog's toys, so I knew I needed to get her one of her own. I was surprized to see how expensive they are however, and decided I could make one myself. I already had the supplies on hand, so it was very easy, and very quick!


10" x 20" piece Ripstop nylon, color of your choice (I had rainbow colors, so I used them all!)

3 feet of 3/8" plastic tubing (available in your hardware store's plumbing dept.)

1/2" piece of 1/4" plastic tubing (available in your hardware store's plumbing dept.)

Thread to match your fabric


Long thin straight pins


  1. Fold your nylon in half to make two 10" squares.
  2. Cut a 10" circle. **Nylon is very slippery to work with. It's much easier to cut and stitch if you pin first.
  3. Serge or straight stitch 1/4" from outer edge, leaving a 1" opening. **If using a sewing machine, zig zag over raw edges also.
  4. Turn to "right" side; press with a warm iron.
  5. Straight stitch 1/2" from outer edge all the way around.
  6. Insert end of tubing into casing; push through until ends meet.
  7. Cut off excess tubing. **The tubing should be long enough to create tension at the outer edge of the disk when the ends meet.
  8. Insert one end of 1/4" tubing piece into larger tubing; press other end of tubing onto remaining small piece. Your disk should hold it's round shape.
  9. Fold in raw edges of fabric and whip stitch closed.
  10. Go play with your dog!!

To make a rainbow colored disk like mine, cut a 10" circle from paper. Divide it into six even sections. Use a section as your pattern to cut two from each color. Stitch them together to make a cricle, and then follow the steps above.


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