Father's Day Shirt

from week ending 6/21/98

design and instructions by Diana Trupiano

Mike in his special shirt       Detail of the spatter painting


white t-shirt, washed and dried with NO fabric softener or dryer sheet.

acrylic paints of your choice (we used Red, Yellow, Green and Blue)

Iron on letters and numbers as desired

dixie cups

paint brushes



Hang your shirt on a dowel, or hanger large enough to hold the arms straight out. A large t-shirt form works well also.

  1. Mix paints one color per cup, with water until very thin.

  2. Dip one brush into each color until full of paint. Do not dab off.

  3. Spatter first color all over shirt. Repeat with remaining colors, to desired effect.

  4. After paint is completely dry, iron on desired lettering.

Note* No textile medium is needed for this project. The thinning of the paint makes it wick in to the fibers of the shirt and become permanent.

Among the usual "breakfast in bed" gift ideas, how about a Gift Coupon Book? They are very simple to make, and are the perfect heart felt gift!

To make a coupon book, take three sheets of white paper. Cut paper in half, and in half again. You will have twelve quarter sheets. Hole punch along the left short side, two or three times to make holes for lacing. Decorate the "cover" as desired (paint, crayon, colored pencil, decoupage,etc.).

For the "coupons" write, "This coupon good for:" at the top, center of each coupon. In the center of each coupon, write the item. Some ideas: cleaning my room; one hug; one back rub; doing the dishes; one smile; mowing the lawn; pulling weeds; etc.

Then decorate each coupon.

Stack the coupons together, with the front cover on the top. Lace ribbon, leather strapping, raffia, etc. through holes and tie in a knot.

This is a wonderful gift "from the heart" that any dad would love to recieve. It's a great project for any age!


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