Dad's Day "Grill Sergeant" BBQ Apron

from week ending 6/20/99


Design and instructions by Diana Trupiano 1999

This is the perfect apron for your favorite "grill sergeant". We all know about men and fire...LOL
It was made with both pattern transfer and homemade paint stamps
Very easy, and the perfect project for the kids to do together!


One purchased canvas apron (or homemade if you prefer)

Lettering pattern (below)

Misc. rubber stamps for fabric (or make your own)

Permanent black marker

Assorted colors dimensional fabric paint


Paint brushes (I prefer flat brushes for painting on fabric)

Carbon paper


  1. Position lettering pattern as desired. Lay carbon paper under pattern and trace with a pencil to transfer design.

  2. Paint letters and spatula "L's" as desired; let dry.

  3. Load paint thickly onto desired stamp and press with even pressure. Hold fabric with one hand while lifting stamp with the other.

  4. Apply as many stamps as desired. I added a splatter of "BBQ sauce" since my husband is a messy cook!

  5. The "salt" on the pretzels is made with toothpicks dipped in white paint and dotted on as desired.

**Let paint set one week before laundering. Canvas tends to shrink in the dryer, so once washed, stretch in all directions and lay flat to dry. A warm iron on the wrong side is o.k.


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