Draft Stopper "Snakes"

Design by? Instructions by Diana Trupiano

This is a very old design that works beautifully at any door or window sill. You can use the basic design and add lace, or animal shaped pillows to add whimsey. I've designed one out of green felt, with a 3" fringe of felt at the seam to simulate grass. I added a sleeping piggy pillow and some yo-yo flowers and lady bug buttons. It stops the drafts great, and is a cute addition to my already pig filled decor!


1/4 yard of 45" wide febric of your choice (I used a snowflake pattern cotton for the one in the picture)

Small beans, about 4 pounds (I used small white beans, but split peas or pop corn work great too)

Hand needle and thread

Sewing machine

*NOTE* All seam allowances are 1/2".


  1. Lay fabric flat on work surface.

  2. Cut to 37" long. Reserve end piece.

  3. Trim long piece to 8" wide. Discard excess.

  4. From reserved piece, cut two circles, 3 1/4" diameter.

  5. Fold long piece in half lengthwise, right sides together, and pin.

  6. Stitch down raw edge 6". Leave an opening 3" long. Continue to stitch to other end.

  7. Stitch circle pieces to ends.

  8. Turn right side out.

  9. Fill with beans. Fill very full, packing beans tightly as you fill.

  10. Securely slip stitch opening closed.

  11. Place against base of door and gently tap with your foot to wedge in place.




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