Decoupage Easter Eggs

from week ending March 29, 1998

Design and Instructions by Diana Trupiano

This is a project so easy, it's perfect for the whole family. (Even grown-ups can do it!) I have done this project with children as young as 3.


plastic eggs, any size

assorted tissue paper, varying prints and colors

Aleene's Instant Decoupage Glue, Gloss Finish

flat paint brushes


fine sand paper


1) Sand surface of eggs slightly to help adhesion.

2) Tear or cut tissue paper into small pieces, approximately 1/2" to 3/4".

3) Working a small area at a time, apply glue to egg with brush. Place piece of tissue paper on glue and smooth out wrinkles. Put a coat of glue over the top.

4) Repeat step 3 until entire surface of egg is covered. Set egg aside to dry. Don't worry about the milky appearance of the glue when wet. It dries quickly, and completely clear.

5) *Optional* If desired, once completely dry, the eggs can be cut open at the seam. I use an exacto knife for this. Of course, this is NOT a step for the children.

There are additional ways to enhance this method of egg decorating. You can sprinkle extra fine glitter onto the eggs, or use a gold or silver paint pen to outline flowers or other patterns in the tissue designs. How many ways can you think of to enhance these eggs?

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